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Air conditioners have become an integral part of life. As soon as summers come, people switch on their air conditioners. Be it their home, office or car, everyone wants the temperature to be cool enough, in order to keep all that sweat at bay. The trauma of an Air Conditioning Nuneaton not working well is a very drastic thought and must be dealt with.

In case, your car’s AC is also not performing up to the mark and needs an expert repair service, you can always trust us, at Nuneaton Bargain Tyres LTD, to do the job for you. We make sure that car journeys are as comfortable as people imagine it to be.

Here is a basic explanation of how a car air conditioner works. Air conditioner of a car does not produce cold air as a lot of people believe that it takes up the heat and moisture of the car and produce the cold air which we receive. However, reality differs a lot. The original process involves converting the hot air from the atmosphere into cold air with the help of your coolant and then refrigerating it to get released in the passenger compartment.

However, being a machine, your car’s AC also sends out a certain signal when it starts to malfunction.

Signs of a degrading air conditioner in your car

Insufficient Airflow- Air conditioner might be giving out cold air, but sometimes the flow becomes very weak, which means air is having a problem reaching you. This is due to an accumulated mould or mildew in the parts of your car’s air conditioner.

Refrigerant leak- If the air conditioner fails to give out cool air even after turning it on for a long time, it is a sign for a potential refrigerant leak.

Blockage in the system- Clogging of the hose can cause water sipping out of the dashboard, which can be detected if water stains are clearly visible on the mat. This can further damage other components too, if not repaired on time.

Unfamiliar Noises- If there is an unusual noise whenever you turn on your car’s AC, it should be immediately inspected as it may lead to more serious problems. The reason could be mainly a broken fan belt or a condenser.

Rotten Smell- The bad odour coming out of the air vent is mainly because of a dirty filter. It can also be caused because of any debris stuck in the system.

Oil Leakage- This is not easily visible, but it affects the proper functioning of your vehicle's air conditioner. If the air conditioner condenser, compressor, evaporator or fittings have a problem, compressor oil might leak.

However, the problems with your car’s AC does not end here. It goes through a plethora of issues that need to be attended at the correct time. 

In case, you are looking for a reliable garage to help you solve your car AC problems, we have the solution, you are looking for. From minor to major air conditioning problems, we, at Nuneaton Bargain Tyres LTD, deal with everything and deliver flawless repairs as well.

If your air conditioner is giving you signs of problems mentioned above or you noticed something unusual, call us right away or book an appointment by emailing to us, at

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