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The battery of a car is an important feature ensuring its uninterrupted rides. Considered as the powerhouse of the electrical components of a vehicle, it is one of the most used parts. Its maintenance and timely servicing are incredibly crucial.

At Nuneaton Bargain Tyres Ltd, we guide you through the various functions of the battery and help in addressing the issue, in case any is detected. The trained experts efficiently diagnose the car battery Nuneaton and suggest the most appropriate solution you need.

Key Functions of the Car’s Battery

  • Stores chemical materials for the generation of electrical energy
  • Enables the ignition process in the engine
  • Receives an update from the measuring system to ensure enough charge is there for the next start-up session and charges-up accordingly

Reasons for Battery Drain

There could be multiple factors draining the battery of your car, few of them are listed below:

  • Leaving the lights (cabin lights, tail lights, headlights) of your vehicle on without proper supervision
  • Abandoning the vehicle during the winter season may lead to a dead battery
  • Not driving or turning the ignition of the vehicle for a long time could reduce its battery power
  • Usage of the air conditioner or music system in a switched off car
  • A weak battery may be experienced due to leakage of the battery fluid or even a damaged component
  • Old Car Battery Nuneatonmay also not be able to support your vehicle as well

Affects caused to the car

There are a string of things that affect the performance of the car:

  • Your car might refuse to start in the morning as a result of a discharged battery
  • Flickering headlights or tail lights may be experienced due to weak batteries
  • The sound of the horn might get weak
  • The car’s electrical systems may not function correctly
  • The vehicle may shutdown in traffic making you get stuck for a long time

How to extend the car’s battery life

  • Have the battery checked regularly
  • Quit short rides which prevent the vehicle from getting charged fully
  • Make sure you turn off all the lights when the vehicle is not in use
  • Keep the battery clean at all time to avoid corrosion
  • Don’t use the air-conditioner or music system when the vehicle is in the switch off mode
  • Use a battery tester to check the output voltage level of the battery and act accordingly
  • Routine tuning and proper storing of the car batter ensures its well-running

Nuneaton Bargain Tyres Ltd has solutions for all your problems related to the battery of the car. Our team of specialists helps you overcome all the problems you are facing and warns you of the possible issues that might turn up in the future. We check for loose connections, any leaks, and the overall condition of the Car Battery Nuneaton to help save you from getting stuck or any kind of embarrassment. We provide the service that you and your vehicle deserve.

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