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The headlights of your car are a very crucial element that works to safeguard your driving experience on the road. Although your optimum safety is dependent upon a variety of factors like brake, clutch, vehicle control and lots more, you should never ignore the significance of both your car’s headlights and taillights. Both of them work to give you a clear view of the road in the night and in foggy conditions. However, being a machine, the light of your car also tends to malfunction over time and needs to be repaired.

We, at Nuneaton Bargain Tyres LTD, host an outstanding team of experts that work to repair a variety of components on your car, including the head and tail lights. A major reason for the malfunctioning of these lights is a broken or damaged bulb inside the lights. Therefore, we present before you one of our effective services called bulb replacement. If by any chance, you are unaware of the possibilities of this service, allow us to acquaint you with it.

What is a bulb replacement service?

As the name suggests, a bulb replacement service is an expert procedure performed at our garage, in order to change any faulty or broken bulb inside your car’s head and tail light. In general, this process is performed by locating the bulb holder near your car’s engine and then the mechanical work takes place, which involves changing the bulb. Nevertheless, people prefer performing this job at home, it is advisable to seek expert advice when it comes to handling wires and mechanical parts in your vehicle.

Moreover, replacing your headlight’s bulb by yourself can lead you to lose your car’s warranty as well. Also, do not forget the inability to use the lights if you don’t perform the job adequately.

However, knowing about our bulb replacement Nuneaton service is not enough. Being a car owner, you should also acquaint yourself with the reasons that lead your headlights to malfunction.

Reasons for a malfunctioning headlight

Burned out bulb: A major reason for your car’s headlight to malfunction is a burned-out bulb. This is mainly caused because of irregular and inadequate use of the headlights. This irregular usage can also lead your bulb to lose its specified life.

Wiring issue: Another significant reason for your car’s headlight to not work is a potential wiring issue. In order to work adequately, your headlight’s bulb must have sufficient power supply through its connecting wire. In case, the cables are not in proportion, you must get this problem fixed.

Worn out bulb: Being a mechanical component, your headlight’s bulbs cannot have an eternal lifespan. Therefore, they tend to wear out after some time and must be replaced with a set of fresh ones.

Now that you are aware of the different reasons that lead your headlight to malfunction, you must also get familiar with the effects of driving on a malfunctioning head and tail light.

Effects of driving a car with improper head and tail lights

  • Inability to see the road at night, and in a foggy atmosphere
  • Failure to see the backside of your car in tunnels and underpasses
  • Expensive replacement and repairs if left unattended for a long time

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