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A wide section of vehicle owners is tired of frequenting different repair shops and servicing. The tyres these days are the main reason behind these regular mishaps and also poise a probable threat to their safety as well. Therefore, the selection of a long-running tyre with plenty of endurance becomes their first priority.

People often seek reliable tyres owing to their busy lifestyles, but finding long-running tyres is a difficult task. There are several factors, such as the selection of brands, choosing the correct tread pattern, the load index, etc. too has an equal say in determining your tyre’s life. However, with trust-worthy manufacturing giants such as Dunlop, the selection becomes quite more comfortable. These brands are known to produce all-round tyres capable enough to last a lifetime if cared properly.

Here at Nuneaton Bargain Tyres LTD, you would get an array of choices offering robust tyres of all sizes and preferences.


Dunlop is an Ireland based company set up in the year 1980. Presently it is owned by various companies around the globe. In different countries like North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, it is held and run by Goodyear tyre and Rubber Company, whereas, in the UK, it is run by Dunlop tyres Nuneaton simply . There are varied types developed by the company, which is durable and known to carry the heavy load. Moreover, Dunlop is known for external safety it provides while running on roads. Most of the commercial vehicles are laden with Dunlop tyres as they are more prone to heat and damage resistance.

Here are some of the most robust specimens of Dunlop tyres Nuneaton, available in several repair shops such as Nuneaton Bargain Tyres LTD.

Dunlop Grandtrek AT20

  • It comes with an aggressive tread design that helps in providing excellent grip season to season.
  • It has VersaLoad that helps in giving consistent handling, offers you a smooth ride.
  • For the superb performance in the wet condition, it comes with Circumferential tread grooves that allow the water away
  • It has a multi-pitch design, which helps in producing less sound.

Dunlop SP Sport 5000

  • It’s enhanced grip and control in this range helps in giving high-performance grip and control for driving conditions.
  • It comes with large, stable, and interconnected tread blocks that enhance dry cornering, hold, and stability.
  • It also comes with Jointless Band Technology that helps the tyre maintain its shape and giving a smooth performance at highway speeds.
  • The asymmetrical tread pattern that helps in providing a balance of wet and dry performance
  • The tyre has Max Flange Shield helps protect rims from accidental curb damage.

Dunlop SP Sport 7000 A/S

  • It has 5- pitch technology that helps in noise reduction for a quiet ride.
  • It also comes with Jointless Band Technology that helps in maintaining its shape and giving a smooth performance at highway speeds.
  • Super handling in dry conditions, along with maintaining the wet traction is possible because of Multi-Radius tread technology.

If your long-running tyres need a replacement and you are willing to tread your older ones with the new and robust Dunlop tyres, we at Nuneaton bargain Tyre LTD are more than happy to assist you in finding the best tyre specimen for your vehicle.

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