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Riken Tyres

Buying regular tyres for a passenger car is a difficult task as most of us would not choose to waste our hard-earned money on something over the top and extremely lavish. Therefore, ultra performing tyres in the affordable range have become the new market trend in the tyre’s arena.

Most of the generic car owners are attracted to brands like Riken tyres Nuneaton, for the specifications they offer at an affordable price range. Moreover, the materials these brands are using are long-lasting too. Hence, the tyres are not only budget-friendly, but they would also save you some extra time. Such specially engineered tyres to meet the day to day needs of an office goer or a worker has a separate fan base. These tyres are all-weather tyres and provide extra safety on the roads as well.

You can easily see a wide range of budget-friendly premium tyre brand such as Riken tyres Nuneaton at Nuneaton Bargain tyre LTD.

Introduction to Riken Tyres

Riken tyres were first manufactured in France, and later on, it went on to merge as a child company of the Michelin Empire. Presently, they are jointly producing tyres at a budget price with excellent quality. However, you can easily distinguish Riken from a Michelin due to the difference in finishing that Riken is known for. Like every other Italian product, it, too, shows marvellous finishing with extra professional care while synthesizing the core material used in rubber for making. The tyres thus obtained are lesser prone to the extremities of nature and have a prolonged running life.

For having a closer look at what we mean by the Riken Property, here are some of its specimens available at Nuneaton Bargain tyre LTD:

Riken Cargo

With more than one benefits, it clearly stands out of the crowd as a premium tyre specimen.

Some Special Characteristics:

  • It has three longitudinal grooves for rapid evacuation of water
  • Large numbers of solid tread blocks on the shoulders for sufficient grip while braking and providing excellent drive on the soil
  • Good stability is provided while turning because of its square shoulders and a flat profile

Riken Maystorm

Riken Maystorm was mentioned in the 14 most popular summer tyres list of 2019. It, like other Riken tyres, is engineered professionally to provide extra safety at an affordable price range.

Some Special Characteristics:

  • Longitudinal grooves for evacuating excessive water and have an effective heat resistive mechanism too
  • Ultra high performing fit for the passenger cars
  • It comes with, both, dry and wet grip altogether

If your tyres too need an urgent replacement and you want to make a choice out of all the Riken tyres specimens available, we, at Nuneaton Bargain tyre LTD, are willing to aid you in finding the best tyres for your car.

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