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Pirelli Tyres

A good set of world-class tyres is always desired by all. Nuneaton Bargain Tyres Ltd has a comprehensive range of Pirelli Tyres Nuneaton to cater to all your desires and needs. Our extensive knowledge about the tyre industry has helped us establish as one of the leading tyre depots. Apart from Pirelli, we house an extensive collection of other popular tyre brands as well. The impressive feature of each tyre is enough to catch your attention and entice you to purchase a set for your vehicle as well.

The history behind Pirelli Tyres

Regarded as the giants of the tyre industry, the brand has been operating for more than a century now. It was founded in 1872 in Italy by Giovanni Battista Pirelli. Since its inception, the brand has never failed to impress its customers with the continually evolving innovative and unique creations. Currently, it is ranked as the fifth largest tyre manufacturer in the globe with an active operation cycle in almost 160 countries. This is proof enough of the voluminous stature of Pirelli and the influence that it commands.

Pirelli was known to sponsor sport competitions since 1907 and was the exclusive tyre supplier for:

  • Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series for 2008–2010,
  • FIA Formula One World Championship for 2011–2023
  • FIM World Superbike Championship.

The best collection of Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli has a wide range of tyres in the store that are considered as significant threats by other competitive brands. Below is the list of a few from the vast collection of tyres:


These tyres are engineered for drivers driving in the urban regions. It offers smooth mobility and driving experience in all kinds of seasons. Cinturato has been created with the latest technology and is Pirelli’s new invention. It exhibits high performance and durability to the driver as well. Its inside seal technology helps avoid air pressure loss in case of a puncture.

P Zero Winter

These tyres are regarded as one of the best snow tyres available in the market. They have an excellent grip and traction, providing on-road comfort during months of extreme winter. P Zero Winter delivers a decent performance on snow, ice, or slush-covered roads. They are considerably durable and deliver optimum performance during the summer season also.

P Zero Corsa

These tyres have been constructed by the combined efforts of Pirelli along with some other well-known car manufacturing brands. This fact ultimately makes P Zero Corsa the tyre with superior architectural structure and design. It is suitable for all types of terrains, given its superb overall performance. The tyres offer exceptional traction, excellent handling, and braking capabilities. Their performance in summer weather conditions is something worth mentioning.

Enlisted above were a few of the tyres that Pirelli has to offer and that we have in our collection. Nuneaton Bargain Tyres Ltd has become a name to reckon with when it comes to one of the best tyre depots. This is solely because of the reputation earned by us while serving our customers with honesty and integrity. Along with Pirelli tyres Nuneaton, the other tyre brands we offer would help you compare and analyse the best-suited requirement for you, with necessary guidance from our team of professionals.

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