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As crucial as engine, exhaust, battery, clutch, brakes or any other components of a car, tyres suffer a great deal of damages. The issues with tyres range from as minor as a small puncture to the complete blowout. The technicians recommend getting the tyres repaired as soon as any fault occurs in them. Leaving an issue for long only results in unrepairable damages. As a consequence one will have to spend a huge sum of money to buy a new set of tyres and exchange them with the old ones.

Our experts here, at Nuneaton Bargain Tyres LTD, suggest our customers to drive their car straight to us in case of any tyre damage. Over the years, we have perfected the art of tyre repair Nuneaton. Therefore, make sure that no tyres go unsafe when you leave our garage.

A tyre can get damaged because of a number of reasons. Most common of them all is tyre puncture. A puncture is a leak that develops in a tyre because of an encounter with a sharp object present on the road. The leak is responsible for considerable loss of air pressure out of the tyre’s tube. As a result, the tyre gets deflated more often. The deflated tyres are unable to withstand the load of the car, and hence lead to further damages. It is therefore recommended to get the tyres repaired as soon as a puncture is detected.

Another issue that arises in the tyres is the sidewall cracks. The tyres when stored improperly develops sidewalls cracks because of the loss of the necessary oils. These cracks weaken the structure of the tyres. Cracked tyres can blowout at any time on the road with the smallest of pressure applied. When you come to us, our experts will rejuvenate the tyres and help you get rid of these cracks in the tyres.

It is not always the rubber that is at fault. Sometimes the valves also fail to keep the pressure inside the tube. Valves develop rust as well when kept in the presence of moisture. All of these issues are not good for the overall health of a tyre. Therefore, experts at our garage carefully inspect the tyres brought to us, and come-up with the best possible solutions.

In case your tyres are failing you, don’t forget to drive them to us. We, at Nuneaton Bargain Tyres LTD, provide excellent tyre repair Nuneaton that will help you get back on the road safely. Our experts know the importance of tyres, and hence take extra care while delivering repair services. To know more, give us a call. Our technicians will be more than happy to help you.

You can either book an online appointment with us, or you can pay us a visit on Mondays to Saturdays between 8:30 AM to 6 PM and on Sundays between 10 AM to 5 PM. You can write to us at Your feedback is always welcomed. They help us get better with our services.

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