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Roadstone Tyres

Like any other product, tyres must be assessed in terms of quality. Assurance is a necessity when performance and safety are at stake. To be honest, trustworthy brand names signify assurance and faith. That is why, at Nuneaton Bargain Tyres, we have a wide collection of Roadstone tyres Nuneaton drivers will love!

Roadstone is a brand that represents success through struggle. It faced major hurdles during the initial decades. However, with solid determination and exceptional professionalism, the company made its way to the top. Today, one can find Roadstone tyres all over the world.

From our wide collection of tyres, we present our customers with information about our best Roadstone tyre models-

EUROVIS Sport 04

This tyre model has been designed to provide excellent dry as well as wet performance. Not to forget, how it improves the fuel economy of your vehicle.

  • 4 Wide longitudinal grooves: The grooves ensure an improved drainage performance.
  • High stiffness ribs: Ribs are important as they facilitate enhanced driving stability.
  • Claw shaped groove: The claw-shaped grooves are different from longitudinal grooves. They ensure improved traction performance on wet surfaces.
  • Large shoulder block: The shoulder blocks provide strength and stability to the tyres. Also, they ensure enhanced handling.


N FERA SU1, like the previous tyre model, is quite exceptional at providing excellent dry and wet performance. Also, its optimal rubber compound and tread pattern ensure a fair handling performance. It is a tyre model to behold!

  • 4 Wide longitudinal grooves: The grooves are everywhere! And they should be. Improved drainage performance is something every summer tyre needs.
  • Hydroplaning lateral grooves: These lateral grooves are that part of the tread pattern which provide hydroplaning resistance to the tyres. Therefore, they ensure excellent wet performance.
  • 3 Centre block: Stability is important while driving. The centre blocks provide you with it.
  • Optimised shoulder block: Do your tyres skit during cornering? This one will not! The shoulder block provides maximum grip during cornering.

N 8000

With excellent wet and dry performance due to optimal rubber compound and tread pattern, N 8000 is the layman’s masterpiece. You will not have to worry about handling with this tyre model. It is because it’s handling performance is exceptional- let’s see how!

  • Asymmetric tread design: While the outer design provides improved handling, the inner designed ensures good wet performance.
  • Straight centre rib: Centre ribs are always important. They facilitate smooth directional driving stability.
  • Organic style lateral Grooves: Lateral grooves enhance the traction this tyre model provides.
  • Rigid shoulder block: The shoulder block enhances the concerning and handling capabilities of the vehicle.

If you wish to buy one of these tyre models or any tyre model, all you need to do is follow the below steps.

  • Go to the tyre finder tool located at the top of this page.
  • Enter the specifications of your choice.
  • Choose the brand of your choice.
  • The resulting page will show the tyres with the specification that you had chosen.
  • Select the tyre you need.
  • Pay the amount.

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