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It is often seen that the motorists find themselves making more trips to the fuel station than they usually should. It is an innate quality of every driver to blame the engine before inspecting anything. Further, there can be various reasons for a vehicle to gulp down more fuel than just a failing engine. The exhaust is one of these reasons. We, at Nuneaton Bargain Tyres LTD, understand how important is your car’s exhaust. Therefore, we provide an extensive range of exhaust to help you save a lot on those unwanted trips to fuel stations.

The exhaust of a car is responsible for venting harmful gases out of the vehicle. Under normal conditions, the exhaust system checks the content of these gases, and functions accordingly. It tells the engine if more amount of fuel is required by the car or should it slow down on its consumption of fuel. It also transforms toxic waste gases like carbon monoxide into comparatively environment-friendly variants as carbon dioxide. Any wrong feedback in the system will result in increased fuel consumption by the car and unburned components out of the pipe.

Some common symptoms of a faulty exhaust that one must be wary of are:

    • . Reduction in fuel economy: As exhaust of a car utilises the emitted gaseous mixture to send feedback to the engine, it may mislead it to burn more fuel. If there is a leak in the exhaust or the oxygen sensor is not working correctly, the engine will receive a false signal to use more fuel. The overall result being decreased fuel economy.
    • Deteriorating performance: The performance of an engine depends on how well the composition of the fuel is being used. When the exhaust has a leak, it will lead to unused components of the fuel escaping out. The end consequence is acceleration faults, speeding errors, and unexpected decrease in the power of the engine.
    • Black Smoke from the pipe: Black smoke is a clear indication of incomplete combustion of the fuel. The black smoke out of the exhaust is nothing but excess fuel being evacuated directly into the environment. One of the main reasons for this to happen is the failure of an oxygen sensor. If overlooked, it can result in the overall failure of the engine as well.
    • Uneasy noises: The most detectable symptom of exhaust failure, noises can be a consequence of many untouched issues. Typically, the exhaust should produce a low and smooth rumbling sound. But if one hears any chugging or growling, it should immediately be checked by an expert. The problem commonly begins with a damaged muffler or silencer and finally ends by corrupting the whole exhaust system.

It is always better never to compromise with the performance of our car; therefore, experts recommend immediate exhaust Repair Nuneaton service.

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