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Matador Tyres

Matador, a popular tyre manufacturing brand based in Slovakia, is well-known for making top-notch tyres that deliver superior performance. There is a considerable demand for Matador tyres in the UK owing to its excellent quality and affordable cost.

If you are looking for Matador tyres Nuneaton, turn to us for choosing one from an exhaustive selection at our facility.

At Nuneaton Bargain Tyres, our experts can also suggest the perfect Matador tyre for your ride, should you need any assistance with the selection.

Types of Matador types we sell

    Summer tyres: It is advised to go for a tyre that offers excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces during the warmer part of the year.

  • MP47 Hectorra 3:This summer tyre provides unmatched driving safety and improved handling on wet road conditions. These tyres are known for enhancing the car’s cornering abilities and lowering thebraking distance.
  • MPS330 Maxilla 2: This high-performance tyre from Matador offers excellent mileage along with safe braking on wet roads. Moreover, you can enjoy enhanced driving stability even with heavy loads in your vehicle.
  • MPS 300 Maxilla AP:The latest addition to Matador’s summer tyre gamut, MPS 300 Maxilla AP has an improved overall durability and robust performance, tailored for heavy load on various road conditions.

Winter tyres: If you are looking for improved braking and a solid grip of your car on icy or snowy roads, consider opting for Matador winter tyres.

  • MPS530 Sibir Snow Van: Expect superior cornering ability and great traction on snowy roads along with protection against aquaplaning.
  • MP92 Sibir Snow:This tyre provides an overall outstanding performance with improved barking on wet and snowy road conditions.
  • MP54 Sibir Snow: Backed by a long service life, this tyre offers unmatched grip and driving safety.
  • MP30 Sibir Ice 2:Delivers maximum traction and safety without compromise.
  • MPS500 Sibir Ice Van: You can enjoy an excellent steering response, improved handling, and safe braking with this choice.

All-season tyres:Matador’s all-season tyres come with a robust tread that provides enhanced handling and grip on all seasons.

  • MP82 Conquerra 2: Ideal for on-road as well as off-road conditions.
  • MP72 Izzarda A/T 2: This tyre provides exceptional traction and off-road durability.
  • MP 62 ALL WEATHER EVO: Remains road-ready for all weather conditions with improved braking and safety against aquaplaning.
  • MP 61 Adhessa EVO: Has a directional tread pattern that provides excellent all-season driving performance.
  • MPS400 Variant All Weather 2: Enjoy extra driving stability and high performance on any road condition with this tyre.

Regardless of your car’s make and model, you can rely on us for the best Matador tyres Nuneaton.

Feel free to call us on 0247 635 2021,or come down to our facility at Unit A1, Heath End Rd, Nuneaton CV10 7BZ to buy the perfect tyre for your ride.

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