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Are you looking for Brake Inspection for your vehicle?


When on the road, brake plays an important role in maintaining the safety of a driver and the vehicle. It assists a driver in stopping a car within the required time to avoid any unfortunate situations. It also helps in manoeuvring a vehicle and enabling it to make tight corners. A component, this crucial, requires proper inspection and maintenance. At Nuneaton Bargain Tyres LTD, our experts are highly skilled in providing excellent brake related services. In case you are suspecting that something is wrong with your brakes, make sure to drive them to us and get the brake inspection Nuneaton done.

When it comes to brake, the faulty symptoms are quite obvious and visible. One can quickly realise that their brake is failing them with little observation. To help you with some of these symptoms, we offer the following list:

Brake lights

Computers installed in modern cars are highly advanced. They can easily detect a fault in most of the components. The issue is reflected by the lights present on the dashboard. The same is the case with the brake as well. If the brake light is on, don’t forget to get it examined with us.

Squealing sound

The brake pads made of rubber are mounted on steel plates. When these pads wear out, the metal of the mount starts making contact with the rotor. The end result is a shrill squeal on the application of the brake. If you are in a similar predicament, drive your vehicle to us today.


One of the biggest reason for vibration seeping in through the brake pedal is a warped rotor. The rotor can wear out or bend in order to create an uneven surface for the pads to push onto. As a consequence, when one applies the brake, pads dangle around the warped rotor and impart vibration to the pedal.

Spongy pedal

Brake system makes use of hydraulics to maintain a considerable amount of pressure in the linings. If the linings have a leak in them, they will allow the fluids to flow out of the system. The pedal will remain stuck to the floor without returning back to its initial place in the absence of required pressure. The only way to find out this issue is to get the linings inspected with a professional.

For a brake to fail, there are more reasons than one can count. Therefore, whenever you feel something is fishy, just drive your vehicle to us. We, at Nuneaton Bargain Tyres LTD, will perform the necessary brake inspection Nuneaton to come up with the best possible solutions.

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