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Your car goes through a variety of tasks on a daily basis, in order to provide you with comfort and safety while driving on the road. Components like the exhaust system, clutch system, wheel and tyres work very hard, so your safety never becomes a second priority. There is a fair chance that many people already know about the importance of maintaining their vehicle’s components. However, the suspension system is a crucial component that stays out of the limelight. Your car’s suspension is the primary mechanism that helps your steering wheel to coordinate with the rotatory motor in the wheel and helps your vehicle to move forward. Nevertheless, being a machine, the suspension in your car also requires frequent maintenance and repairs.

Our garage, Nuneaton Bargain Tyres LTD, hosts a team of highly skilled technicians that works to repair any ambiguity or malfunctioning in your suspension so you never have to be stuck in the middle of a highway or a traffic jam.

If by any chance, you are unaware of our suspension repair Nuneaton procedure, allow us to acquaint you with it.

What is suspension repair and why should you get it done from us?

As mentioned above, the suspension system in your car works to coordinate the steering wheel with your tyres and the rotatory motor in the wheels, in order to move your car forward. However, you must know that Shock Absorbers Nuneaton also works to reduce the friction between the road and tyres. The repair process comes into action when some vital parts of your suspension start getting damaged. Being a car owner, you should know that a suspension system is comprised of a spring, chassis, shock absorbers and struts. All of them have their specific jobs like handling the weight of your car, absorbing shocks and coordinating with the wheels, etc. If by any chance, any of these components start getting worn or displaced, you will face a hard time driving on rough roads.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry when you drive your car to our garage. Our mechanics go through daily training, in order to not let you leave until your satisfaction criteria have been met.

Other than knowing about our suspension repair procedure, you should also get to the core of your problems by identifying the reasons that lead your suspension to go out of order.

Reasons for a malfunctioning suspension in your car

Driving over rough terrains: Over time, the suspension of your car is prone to get damaged if you drive on rough and uneven roads. Hitting a heavy substance or a pothole can lead the springs of your suspension system to get displaced and cause you several issues while driving.

Misaligned wheels:In case, you notice any misalignment in your wheels and continue driving despite that, you’ll be inviting many problems for your car and also damage the shock absorbers in the suspension as well.

rregular car servicing: Being a machine, your car needs frequent servicing and repair. However, if you fail to provide it with excellent and routine maintenance, not only the suspension but the other parts in your car will also start to degrade.

Now that you are aware of different reasons that lead your suspension to death, you must also become aware of the effects of driving on a poor suspension.

Effects of driving on a weak suspension system

  • A massive breach to safety as a poor suspension can lead you to lose control of your vehicle
  • Expensive repairs and replacement if left untreated for a long time
  • Uneven tyre wear and damage
  • Reduced performance and stability despite fitting costly components in the car.

A simple solution

If you are looking for a simple and affordable solution to all your suspension related issues, give us, at Nuneaton Bargain Tyres LTD, a chance to help you. All you need to do is book an appointment by emailing to us, at

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