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Tyres are vehicle’s only contact with the road. A component of this important needs special treatment for better performance and life. One should not ignore any warning signs of tyre wear. Be it sidewall crack or a minute puncture, each of them should be dealt with equal conviction. Sometimes, tyre is damaged to a level that it becomes irreparable. The only wise thing to do is replace it with a new one. At Nuneaton Bargain Tyres LTD, we understand how important tyres are for your safety on the roads. Therefore, our experts have assorted some of the best models of tyres that Maxxis tyres Nuneaton has to offer.

Maxis Tyres though started small has become a world-accredited giant in the tyre manufacturing industry. The rough days of Maxxis included the manufacturing of bicycle tyres. Maxxis outlasted all of its competition in the industry of bicycle tyres. The next big step was the manufacturing of car tyres, in which it has grown to considerable heights. Maxxis uses cutting-edge technology at five of its highly advanced facilities.

The tyres are scrutinised for their quality, integrity and durability before they make it to the market. Further, our experts hand-pick only the best models out of them and make them available to our customers at our garage.

To help you with some of these excellent models of Maxxis Tyres, let us offer you the following list:

Victra M36

The tyre is known for its exceptional gripping abilities. Therefore, Victra M36 finds its usage with most of the SUVs. The tread of the tyres is made with a sturdy rubber compound that provides unmatched durability.

  • The shoulders are enhanced with reinforced sides for better cornering and stability
  • Quieter and comfortable ride because of optimised tread patterns
  • Highly advanced asymmetrical tread for increased wet grip and dry performance

Victra MA-Z3

The tyre is capable of dissipating a large amount of heat. The heat dissipation capabilities further enhance the tyre life of these tyres.

  • Reduced aquaplaning because of dedicated tread design and efficient circumferential grooves
  • Hardened rubber for better performance in dry conditions
  • Reduction in the rolling resistance due to infused silica compound
  • Bravo HP M3

    One of the best all-season tyres in its class, Bravo HP M3 is known to offer exceptional handling and steering on wet and dry roads. The tyres come with circumferential grooves that effectively dissipate the water present on the road.

    • Enhanced high-speed stability with a committed centre rib
    • Virtual cancellation of the noise produced with white noise
    • Wider grooves for prevention against the aquaplaning

    In case our collection of Maxxis tyres Nuneaton intrigued you to buy new tyres for your car, make sure to visit us. We, at Nuneaton Bargain Tyres LTD, have years of experience in selling branded tyres. Our experts will help you purchase the right kind for your car.

    To book your tyres online with us, follow the steps given below:

    • Locate the tyre finder tool.
    • Enter the registration number or tyre specifications.
    • Choose the desired model.
    • Fill in the address details.
    • Complete the payment.

    The purchased tyre will reach to you within a matter of a few days by mailing services.

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